Step ONE- Pre Qualification

Prequalification to buy a home in Lynchburg or Roanoke

Buying a home in Bedford, Lynchburg. or Roanoke is the single largest investment most people ever make. Its an emotional time as you have so much on the line. Its not just a financial investment, its the emotional invest as your family will be calling this home. You will celebrate birthdays, anniversaries. all kinds of major events in this home and it becomes an emotional investment.

The first step to a home purchase in Virginia. is getting pre-qualified. Having a short conversation with one of our lenders helps you get started in the right direction. They can discuss with you loan types, current rates and payments. Part of the discussion will cover documents the lender will need and recommendations for the when to submit the information.Not just education, this is to empower you as a buyer. Without a pre-qualification many sellers will not even consider your offer. Many REALTORS will not even show you homes until you complete this stage. Homes are selling fast. If you want a real chance to get the home you want, you need to be qualified upfront as you may not have time to get qualified.

Another reason for pre-qualification is make sure we are looking at homes in the right price range. Interest rates vary from day to day and without that conversation with your lender you may be able to afford more home than you think.

If you are paying cash for the property in Lynchburg, your bank or financial institution needs to provide a proof of funds letter.

Step one- Get Prequalified

Finding the Right Home

Making an Offer

Under contract, now what happens?

The Closing