Helping sell a short sale home

Having been divorced, I understand how emotions can get in the way when a couple is separating. I also understand the importance to be a neutral party and not to take sides or disclose information to either party except what is pertinent to the house. I try to keep the divorcing couples focus on selling the home and what is best for them since they hired me to sell their home.

One day I got a call from a woman to interview to list their house for sale. We set an appointment, and I met her at the home. When I started asking questions, I found out it was a divorce situation. The couple had been married for a few years and had a small child. Their relationship wasn’t working and she wanted a divorce. After getting a preview and discussing options, I realized this was going to be a short sale. Sadly, the home was not worth the amount the couple owed.

A few days later, I came back to the house to present my marketing plan and to discuss options. This time both parties were there as they both had to agree on who to list and both have to sign the agreement. The male client resided in the home. He was a bit distraught. He didn’t want a divorce and he was bothered he didn’t get to see his son. After some time we got to talking, got to know each other better. He was a Volunteer Firefighter who felt slighted by his wife and wanted more time with his kids.

Under my advice, the couple had already started compiling the documents they needed to get approved for a short sale. We sent them to the bank early to get a preapproved price for the short sale. Over time the firefighter and I got to know each other better, which made it easier when we got an offer for their home. After following the banks process we successfully got an approval for the short sale and the bank even gave him money to move out of the house. This happened in a relatively short period of time. Being a firefighter, he had to live relatively close to the firehouse and didn’t have a home to moving into. I was able to secure him a rental property that more than fit his needs.

Both parties have moved on with their lives and have found happiness.